What makes Mp3nity 2 so special?                (roll over for info)

  • Mass tag editing
    Clean up your music library and get rid of those badly named Titles or Unknown Albums or wrong Years or same Artists spelled differently, or missing CD cover or lyrics. These are called tags and sometimes they are badly entered, if not at all, in 80% of the songs you download or rip. Now you could spend forever trying to fix each and everyone of them one by one, or you could use Mp3nity.

    Mp3nity is specially designed for serious music collectors who deal with lots and lots of mp3s, offering unique tools and features, unrivaled performance and unbeatable simplicity. Mp3nity currently supports mp3 (id3v1/id3v2), wma, wmv, asf, ogg, flac, aac, mp4, m4a, m4v, m4b, mpc, ape.
  • Mass renaming / moving
    Mass renaming and moving files on a large scale has never been more efficient. Mp3nity offers simple to advanced renaming expressions that allows you to re-arrange your entire collection using the information that are stored in files. What's special here is that smart advanced expressions can be composed to give you unrivaled control over what your files will look like, specially when you have tags that are missing or too long.

    Some excellent renaming and moving presets are available by default so you don't have to worry about writing advanced stuff. It gets better when we have included in the program an advanced expression editor with syntax hilighting and instant preview to better understand the logic behind the expressions.
  • Mass tag and filename parsing
    If your files are already neatly named, you can let Mp3nity parse your filenames and extract tag attributes from those names. Mp3nity offers a unique powerful way of parsing, you can simply scan "Artist - Title", or write one expression that can interpret any weird filename the parser can come across. The parser can be used on any tag attribute as well such as the song title. Some excellent presets are available by default so you don't have to worry about writing advanced stuff.
  • Mass lyrics finding and setting
    Mp3nity is the only application in the world that allows you to find and download lyrics, and save them in your audio file tags on a large scale, so you can view them later on, on your Media Player, iPod, or any other player that's lyrics compatible. Select a whole bunch of songs and click download lyrics, and in seconds, every song has its own lyrics in it. We didn't just put that there, we made sure it's the best lyrics finder ever, it's the most accurate and it always stays that way by auto-updating itself from our servers.
  • Mass CD covers finding and setting
    Mp3nity is the only application in the world that batch-downloads pictures (CD covers, artworks..) from major online databases and save them in your audio files. No, it doesn't find one pic and save it in every file, every single song will get its own most accurate picture in no time, you're just one click away.
  • Album information from web
    Tag from Web; who doesn't love it. Mp3nity is proudly the first application ever to introduce such a tool to the world, and then imitators followed. But still, nothing beats the original, so simple and accurate.
    Mp3nity can access the most prominent online databases including, Amazon, FreeDB, MusicBrainz and Google.
  • Mass audio file converting
    Mp3nity is the only tag editor that has an integrated audio file converter in it, which follows the same Mp3nity philosophy, DO JOBS IN MASSES. You can convert any audio format/compression to MP3, WMA or WAV while maintaining the original tag info. It offers you full control whether you want to replace old files or how to rename the new files. It also features every single setting found in the LAME encoder and customizable Windows Media encoding, for those who know what they're doing.
  • CD ripping
    And why not a CD Ripper too. Mp3nity features a simple yet solid CD ripper/extractor that allows you to copy your audio CDs to your hard drive or player, and automatically set the right tag information in the newly created files.
  • Mass playlist making
    There's a unique tool that generates playlists from tags that are found in your audio files. For example, you can choose that every artist should have its own playist, or every genre or year, or there should be a playlist in every folder, and such. Or simply create, open, or edit one playlist at a time.
  • Exporting lists and tables
    Mp3nity allows you to export customizable lists and tables in HTML or Text, containing any sort of information about the files that you open, including tag info such as titles and artists, file sizes, file dates, and more.
  • Auto analyzing and suggesting missing tags
    It's so simple, you have hundred of random songs, some are tagged some are not, you don't feel like spending forever trying to fix each and every one of them, well consider them as good as fixed just by opening them in Mp3nity. If Auto-Suggest is set to On, an intelligent analyzer automatically guesses the info that are missing and suggests them, all you need to do then is to just press Update.
  • Time saving with macros and presets
    Every tool in Mp3nity is preset-able, meaning, you can save what you want it to do, and later on, call it with a click of a button. Even better, let's put some of them in Macros so we don't have to repeat the same things over and over again. One click, an entire macro is executed.
  • Fast auto-saving
    If Auto-saving is set to On, you don't have to worry about pressing the Save button ever again. But it's not that dumb, Auto-saving in Mp3nity is smart and fast, it doesn't excessively write to the disk every time you make a little change, but it makes sure that no edits are left unsaved, so you get maximum performance, and you get to be lazy.
  • Undoable editing and renaming
    If you've just ruined an entire album's filenames and tags, then go ahead and ruin them even more, because Mp3nity allows you to safely put back anything you change to its original form. It's ok, with Mp3nity you can be a slightly bit reckless when you're MASS editing.
  • No-waiting multi-threaded environment
    Go ahead, select a thousand files and rename them, then do this, and do that, then do more stuff, and add more jobs, but you're never going to wait a single moment, that's Mp3nity: More doing what you need to do, less waiting, uh, actually no waiting.
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
    You can easily add more files and folders to your current Mp3nity list right from Windows Explorer using the right-click menu.
  • Very cute simple interface
    If all of the above are still not convincing you that Mp3nity is the best of the best, just look at its elegant simple interface. Everything is right where you need it, no labyrinths of buttons and tabs and boxes, no ugly incomprehensible windows, no messy bars and menus, just an elegant simple interface.
  • and more...
    way more.
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