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Do you feel like cheating? Would you like to get richer, faster, smarter, stronger? Do you want to be more powerful than ever before? Score higher? Why not just break world records?
Anything you want - You got it! At least in your PC games.

What is Memware?

Memware is a great simple software that allows you to invent your own cheats or trainers for any game, even internet games. Now you can mess around with any number in your favorite games. Get infinite grenades, missiles, lives, or whatever it is you crave. Level-up your RPG characters 1000 levels at a time. That's right, go ahead and break some records.

You can stop searching in magazines and on the web for cheats and trainers to come out. Invent your own right away with Memware! It doesn't require any advanced knowledge in windows at all. Anybody can use it. Try it here for free.

However advanced users can benefit more as they'll be able to scan the memory, read and write in Hex and Ascii on memory, monitor and debug their own programs.

However, Littlelan does not permit you to use Memware to hack or crack copyrighted software, or for any other illegal activity.

How Easy?

Very Easy. Memware is designed in a way even a 12-year old gamer can benefit. It has a "wizard-like" interface, with tips and definitions everywhere.

Still finding it hard? Just go through the tutorials available with the detailed help document.

Need further help? Our support team receives tens of questions everyday from Memware users all over the world. So feel free to contact us at anytime.

Why Memware?

Normally you can find little cheats that are limited to one or two things, here and there on the web. But with Memware, you are in control, you can choose whatever number you set your eye on and modify it.

Moreover, now that games are getting more and more complicated, in some cases, Memware is the only way to cheat. For example, for games where the memory changes constantly, it's impossible to find a working trainer, but with Memware, you can temporarily find a number, set it once and for all to an incredibly high value and save your game (and live happily ever after).

One of a kind?

Since its first appearance on the web in 1999, Memware has been imitated by some wannabes. However, Memware remains one of a kind when it comes to performance and UI. It is the fastest in terms of scanning memory and locating numbers as it takes seconds to search heavily loaded games, where others trail at minutes, all that while it still returns 2 to 3 times more results.

Besides, who can not notice the simplicity and the elegance of Memware's interface, compared to the rest.

So don't be fooled, use the original, one and only Memware.



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